One Step for Man


With that ever encroaching coastal storm drawing nearer, heavy grey clouds press against the horizon and billow across the sky in a great stretch. This paints the horizon as one single grey entity, a haze webbing the two. That haze envelops the distant headlands, pulling land, sea and sky into an embrace which highlights the unity which we often forget.

The early morning’s cloud cover resembles an artist’s lavish lathering of acrylic grey, although as it ripples into forms beside uninterrupted blanketed coverage, the clouds inflate into palatial, cavernous pockets in the sky, catching the rising sunlight and passing it between its many edges.

When daybreak pushes apart our misted ceiling, the golden light spills over the clouds’ scalloped edges introducing the mingling soft pink of the awakening night and the cerulean coating of a day which is eager to begin, and the grey wall in a most natural juxtaposition. These join at the most literal of silver linings.

As nighttime is left behind with certainty, the sky is webbed with gossamer threads which spindle and stretch and entangle overhead.

Waking up at 5am is no leap for mankind, and I’m hardly alone at the edge of the water, but as the sea breeze wakes me up, every person I see says “good morning” without fault, and the waves roll in to shore with a consistent rhythm, I realise it’s an underrated step which was worth taking.

Happy Australia Day 🙂


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