Apple Innovation

Necessity is the root of invention. I’m not sure another muffin recipe is entirely necessary, but it won’t go astray either. Admittedly, I might be stretching the term ‘invention’ a little far too, but I did research far and wide to web together this recipe. It’s been tested, altered and tested again, and although muffins are…… Continue reading Apple Innovation


Saved by the Bell*

Most people have a borderline masochistic need for adrenaline. Jumping from planes or swimming with sharks, or anything else that makes your heart beat as if the world’s about to end. This week’s adrenaline adventure stood in the form of a tour guide dressed in black with a $9 Bunnings lantern and a frightening disposition…… Continue reading Saved by the Bell*


Nostalgia in a Tin

Things covered in dust and forgotten about are usually the most interesting things, and it makes me wonder why, at some stage this object was set down and then remained undisturbed for so long that a layer of dust settled like a skin. There’s a whole world in those old tin sheds in back paddocks,…… Continue reading Nostalgia in a Tin