Breaking Away: Film Review

The newly introduced ‘movie night’ in my household has given dad all the ammunition he needs to enlighten us to the ‘classics’ of his childhood. I’m developing a trust in this strange genre, and Breaking Away (1979) has only strengthened dad’s positive reputation.

Breaking Away is a coming of age film which perfectly captures the chaos of figuring out your place in the adult world, when you’re still young and realise it’s your turn to take your place in it. It’s setting in 1980s America is highly immersive, with a deliberate and effective use of colloquial language and an exploration of class systems.
Breaking Away navigates the bitterness of disappointment following the harsh reality of idealised dreams, the struggle to find an identity, and exist in between societal expectations.

I really loved this film. The characters had depth, they were relatable and genuine. The themes were varied; it was funny, dramatic, suspenseful, and sad, at different times.
The end of the film was satisfyingly ambiguous, and despite the film’s general themes of negativity, it was a pleasant story which was enjoyable to watch.

I highly recommend. Thanks for reading 🙂

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