Alice: Review

A good old fashioned trip to the cinema meant a late night showing of Alice Through the Looking Glass, a very sneaky bag of sweets bought from the supermarket beforehand, and the unmistakable, buttery scent of popcorn.

Following such a highly successful film adaption, I admittedly expected this sequel to be tired, and to lack the first film’s magic.

However, I found Alice Through the Looking Glass to be a beautifully abstract conclusion to Alice in Wonderland. It brought Alice’s story cleanly to a close, with a resolute and satisfying ending.

The story interestingly explored success through forgiveness, rather than through defeat. I also appreciated its exploration of the idea of time travel- as such an abstract concept, every separate portrayal is an interesting insight into the creators’ minds.

The use of time travel gave the audience an interesting view into each character’s back story, and answered all the questions I’d forgotten to ask, even from the first film. It built up sympathy towards certain characters and scenarios, and added depth and development into the story, and it’s characters.

Admittedly, for devoted fans of the Lewis Carroll books, the film probably didn’t deliver. The two films are a strange mashing of both books, with a cluster of extra things thrown in there too, which is a frustrating outcome for fans of the books.

Nevertheless, Alice Through the Looking Glass was intriguing to watch, with an ultimately very satisfying conclusion, and I enjoyed watching it.


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