Winter Playlist

I’m not sure how I feel about winter. I’ve had almost two decades to deliberate it, but I’m still not sure. I suppose, like most things, it has its positives and negatives, but is generally romanticised so we forget what it’s really like. That way, each year it’s as big a slap in the face…… Continue reading Winter Playlist


The Legend of Tarzan: Review

I approached The Legend of Tarzan with reasonably high expectations – after all, a modern remake of a cherished classic can bring new life into something which has been fading. However, revisiting a classic always risks being a sad replica of the original, which fails to capture the charm it held. ‘If it ain’t broke,…… Continue reading The Legend of Tarzan: Review


First Try, 1st Tri

My first university trimester is officially over, all exams passed! That’s one down, 11 to go. I’ve written and rewritten this post countless times, trying to capture a summary of my first few months at uni. It’s been so monumental and so anticlimactic at the same time. It hasn’t proven to be a tumultuous journey…… Continue reading First Try, 1st Tri