The Procrastination Infection

Procrastinators must be immortal beings, because they’ll never get around to dying. I get a chuckle out of that, but then I realise that if one’s life is defined by just dragging through the lethargic motions of procrastination, you will not find yourself too lazy to die, but too lazy to live.

Look, procrastination usually isn’t as serious as that. It’s a pain though, when you have a couple months worth of stuff to do in just a few weeks, and you spend all your time complaining about it rather than actually starting.

So if you procrastinate (we all do, don’t pretend), I’m going to bestow upon you the wisdom which helps me not to be entirely terrible, and eventually get stuff done. There’s a reason “just do it” is such a successful slogan. Because sometimes that’s all there is to it – stop being lazy. Just do it. That’s where I am right now – it’s not a completely unusual situation for me to find myself in.

So do as I say, not as I do, with my one and only tip on the topic.
When your mind is too full of list after list of everything you have to get done, figure out your top priority. Now’s not the time to be lazy – honestly pick the one thing that’s filling your stomach with big angry butterflies. The very most stressful thing that you just have to get done. Write it all down if that helps you. Forget all the rest for now, because multitasking never works at this stage, and just do it. Cross that one thing off your list entirely, and ease your mind.

Now that that’s out of the way, what’s your new most important and stressful thing? Figure it out, and get it done. By this stage, you’ve probably realised that there isn’t actually as much to do as you thought, and you’ll be feeling a bit more in control.

Gain some perspective, relax, feel better.

Goodnight xxx


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