Never Nirvana

My finance assignment is due in 2 hours and 49 minutes, and you can probably guess how that’s going, based on the fact I’m sitting around writing a rambling blog post about it. And no, it doesn’t mean I’m so organised that it’s handed in and I needn’t stress. No.

Tomorrow is my first day back at uni after our mid-trimester break, and will be my first day of assignment free life, for a couple of weeks. With just one lecture in the morning, and a short night shift, I have a free day to be the productive adult I aspire to be.

One day I’ll reach some kind of productivity nirvana with completed lists and respected schedules, and tomorrow might be the day. It probably won’t, I know who I am, but a big cup of tea, a fruit smoothie and a visit to the gym might just give me that illusion.

Tomorrow is a happy prospect, of course, but when it does roll around, meet it with a smile and make the most of it. Until then, I’m back to balance sheets and financial ratios.

Make every day a great day xxx

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