Save Spring

It’s spring here, finally, and I’m pretty excited. I’ve always thought I loved summer, and people always love to ask if you’re a “summer or winter person”, but I think the secret hides in spring. Summer’s sticky, there are spiders everywhere, and my skin burns way too easily for someone spending so much time outside.

Spring is really where it’s at.

Spring’s the perfect mix of thick socks and sun hats, outdoor dining and campfires, and cool mornings followed by warm evenings.

Spring is an image of open windows, sifting sunlight, fruit juice and markets. Spring is optimism and rejuvenation and motivation.

For me, this week’s new found motivation lies, not in university as it should (my exams have been put off, giving me a few extra months, but that’s a story for later), but in minimising waste, in an initial step towards helping the environment.

My efforts started with internet shopping. It’s the sort of shopping which starts expensive, but is an investment which saves more than money.

So my efforts are minimal for now, but everything big starts somewhere small.

I’m starting with 4 ways to minimise waste:

> Reusable straws. Plastic lasts a long time. It takes thousands of years to break down, so it’s crazy that we make disposable products with it. Plastic straws are so common, and they’re used only once.
Steel straws are my answer! Completely reusable, and they also look pretty cool. There are also silicon or glass options. 🙂

> Reusable cutlery. I eat out a lot (probably too much). Curries, sushi, fried rice, you name it. I end up using loads of plastic forks, and knives, and disposable chopsticks. I’ve ordered my little case with a reusable spoon, fork and chopsticks, and I can’t wait to decline the cutlery which would only end up in the bin five minutes later.

> Plastic bags. No more plastic bags. Reusable shopping bags are common, and they’re great, but I’ve also learned about beeswax covered cloth wraps, as a reusable alternative to cling wrap. Reusable produce bags, also, to avoid using countless plastic bags to store fresh fruit and veggies in, on their short trip to the checkout.

> Takeaway cups. Takeaway cups are usually lined with plastic, to insulate. This means they don’t break down as easily as you think. If you enjoy a takeaway coffee, tea or hot chocolate on the regular, take a moment to consider how many cups you go through. I’m going to give the barista my own takeaway cup and use that instead. The same can go for milkshakes, smoothies, fruit juices, or anything else. They won’t mind making it in your own cup, they’ll probably be happy to.

With the change in season, what changes are you making? Spring is my favourite time of year. It has a weird appeal to it- it’s almost summer. It’s hopeful and spirit brightening and excitement inducing. Act on your good vibes and motivation boost!

If you’re across the equator and Autumn has just rolled around, welcome it. As the weather cools, hearts warm. Also soup. Who doesn’t love soup?

I hope you feel as inspired and energised as I do. Good Luck xxxx

P.S. I’ve found a really great place to buy some of the things I need to make some sustainable changes. If you know any other good shops or websites, please leave a comment. 🙂


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