Stream of Consciousness

Dear Subconscious,

I don’t know where to start. I don’t know what to say that might be profound or interesting or useful. And now I wonder, does it have to be? Interest emerges from nothing, sometimes, and you don’t need to try. Or else, it’ll be boring, and you’ll waste your time reading. Is there any wasted time though really? It’s time used, experienced, lived, surely not wasted. It’s a moment further from what there is to forget and closer to what there will be to remember. remember remember. Do you wonder what you’ll forget? When you’re old, and your mind works harder than ever but achieves less… Do you wonder what you’ll forget? Or what you’ll remember even- what moments will resonate with you until your final breath. You can’t possibly predict it, or plan it, but live and enjoy the moment as well as possible, in the moment, and embrace what the world hands to you. you you you you you. It’s funny how important some people become. How some people are such a perfect match, in humour and values and adventure. And I don’t believe in soul mates, but sometimes I do, a little bit, because you’re too perfect a friend to be a coincidence. coincidence coincidence. All the world, in its state, is practically impossible, so this very moment shouldn’t be overlooked or wished away, but appreciated and respected whether it be good or bad. Every decision and chance ever has led you to this moment, and led me to this moment, and every interaction is another decision which shapes another future. future future future. I hope everything works out.


This is stream of consciousness writing. It’s perfect to clear a busy mind, clear away writers’ block, or uncover some ideas. I find it a very therapeutic exercise. I’ve explained it, with another example, here: Don’t Think Too Hard

Just write what pops into your head. Give it a try 🙂

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