Night Owl, Early Bird

When your to do list yearns to see the sun wake the world and feel the crisp chill of the morning air, and simultaneously aches to skip to the star strewn late night sky, driving into a dark horizon with the windows down, you face the decision between a late night and an early start.

You face the choice between closing your eyes to the stars to pretend the sky isn’t alive while you’re sleeping, or closing your eyes to the sky as its water colour pot spills across it, and the sun illuminates the art to the world.

The rising and falling of the sun is one of the few things we really can’t bend and shape to suit our needs and desires. The steady and consistent passage of time is a reminder that life continues on even when our eyes are closed. The sun shines whether we feel its heat or use its light, and the stars twinkle whether we gaze into their vastness.

I think it’s important to watch the sun rise, to feel the world warm and the sky illuminate, every so often. Sunrise is like a hidden extra chapter to your favourite story. I also think it’s important to look into the sky, into the stars, and see all that they show; all of its knowledge and history plain to see, yet shrouded in a certain mistique. The night sky is like a secret hidden in plain sight.

Sometimes you pick one, or you pick the other. Sometimes we manage both. But most of the time, we forget to look up.


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