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Chores and Privileges

A habit becomes a chore when you stop caring about it. It might not be forever, but just day to day. But if you don’t want to do whatever it is you should, then the effort required to start the process must be greater than the result you expect. Writing is a chore when you’re doing it for the wrong reasons, not for your thoughts or for your ideas, but for expectations or through obligation, and you’re losing sight of the bigger picture. Exercise becomes a chore where it is a privilege, when the thought of tired muscles pushing forward a bike which doesn’t move is louder than the idea of litheness and health. That being said, isn’t it funny that we run and run without moving so our fat melts and our muscles strengthen, when we used to run for survival or safety or transport. In some ways privilege is choosing to do something that used to be a survival mechanism. mechanism mechanism mechanism. I didn’t want to write the next thing because it’s too big and complicated to bring up, but I’ve already brought it up now. I just can’t help but think about the world’s mechanisms. About how every interaction influences every choice and every interaction which follows. How nobody is that important yet everybody is completely vital.  I’m not going to be cliche and talk about cogs in a machine, but that really is a legitimate parallel. Except that each machine inherently has a purpose and function, and if our world, and its people, has a meaningful purpose we’re really yet to work it out.

*This is a 10 minute piece of stream of consciousness writing. Unedited journalling to uncover the subconscious mind :)*

Have a good night xx

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