Advice: The Good and The Bad

In motivation, my mum once said to me, “Eventually, you’ll figure out that nothing reeeeally matters.” Take it with a grain of salt.

When faced with a decision, there’s immediately a form of inherent pressure to make the right decision. Asking for somebody else’s advice passes away a little bit of responsibility from ourselves. It also reveals the way we hold so much trust in somebody else’s decision making, over our own.

In saying that, sometimes an unbiased third party is what it takes to make a decision. They think without prejudice towards the smaller picture. Instead, they can make a more rational choice to lead to a better outcome.

Essentially, nobody knows what they’re doing in life. Every step is another decision to make with crossed fingers, and sometimes the steps are to the side, or even backwards, which is okay. Everybody wants to be certain and always stepping forwards, but really, even a step in the ‘wrong’ direction is still forging your path ahead.

All we can ever do is try our best, then understand we can do better; be confident in what we know and believe, but understand we don’t know it all; be kind, but not complacent.

Nobody really knows what they’re doing here. Just learn from your experiences, and keep going.

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