Picasso Rode a Bike

Creativity is an elusive pursuit, a cocktail of variables whose ingredients are inspiration, talent, and dumb luck.

I always boast the wonders of writing whatever comes to mind, completely unedited and completely instinctive (example at Dear Subconscious,). But sometimes writing isn’t the relevant solution for you, or for the situation.

Here are the 6 non-writing ways I find inspiration:

  1. You’ve already heard this one thousands of times, so we’ll get it out of the way now, but hear me out. There’s a reason people say over and over to go for a walk, and it’s because it works. It really helps to clear away the clutter of your mind. Separate yourself from your work and just walk, or run, and see what your mind wanders from, and where it wanders to. If you don’t find new ideas, you’ll at least find some clarity and objectivity.
  2. Learn something new. I’m here to remind you that you don’t know everything. Snatch up some perspective by learning something. Don’t assume you’re an expert in anything. There’s always something more to learn, and the more worldly or specific knowledge you have, the more perspectives you gain for each situation you face.
  3. Listen to music. Pick something you’ve either never heard before, or music you haven’t listened to in years. Discovery and nostalgia are opposites, and they generate different responses in your mind, but they both rouse emotion, and I always find music a great way to clear the mind.
    Need inspiration? I’ve got you 😉 ->Spring Playlist:

  4. Call a friend. Visit someone, call a friend you haven’t spoken to for a while, take your Nanna a cake. Talk to somebody else about something irrelevant to you or your work. Find out about somebody else’s day.
  5. Relax. Do a face mask, drink some tea, listen to some music. I’m not promoting procrastination, I’m just telling you to give yourself a break. Do something positive for yourself.
  6. Sit outside. Stare at the sky, place yourself in your surroundings, in your country, in the world, in the solar system, and so on. Place yourself. Bathe in some perspective.

To enrich your creative pursuits you need fresh inspiration, and essentially, you need to figure out what works for you. Some people bake cakes, some people read, some people paint their fingernails. Maybe Picasso rode a bike. Who knows? Get out there and work it out.

Good luck xx

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