Don’t Drink Poison

Something about getting older is finding more dimension to your personality. You twine ideas into opinions and build morals which ultimately shape you as a person.

Eventually, every person establishes a personal philosophy by which they pass through their days, whether aware of it or not. With this thought on my mind, I’ve been trying to whittle away my thoughts and actions to pinpoint my philosophy.

So I’ve decided on four key ideas to hold close as I make my decisions each day:

1. Leave everything in a better condition than you found it in.

That’s the environment, a school, a hard situation, a friend, a work shift. Don’t just meet the bottom line. Rise above it, exceed it, make your day fulfilling and somebody else’s better. Destruction is so quick and easy, creation is slow and arduous. Make the effort, be a progressive and productive person.

2. It’s never too early, but it’s never too late.

It’s never too late to start studying, or planning, or learning, or caring, or exercise, or saving. That being said, it’s never too late to begin study for that exam, to plan what details you can, you’re never too old to learn, to care about tomorrow, to start looking after your body or your skin, or put a penny away for a rainy day. Don’t put something off when you’re enthusiastic, and don’t give up because you should’ve started earlier.

3. Don’t drink poison and expect your enemy to die.

This is something I work on every day, and probably always will. Let go of negativity, and stop holding grudges. Does that bubbling anger change that person’s actions? Does it make you feel better? Disliking a person and being hateful fills you with such negativity which does nothing but drag you down and make you feel unhappy and uneasy. Learn to let go. 5km below the speed limit is okay – rolling your eyes won’t make them drive faster, and it won’t make you feel better. Somebody with their shopping trolley taking up the entire aisle is okay – we’ve all been unknowingly in the way hundreds of times. That kid who wronged you 15 years ago is irrelevant, get on with your life.

4. You never know enough.

There’s always something new to learn, and a reason to learn it. Better yourself, fill your mind with ideas and perspectives and challenge yourself. Don’t close your mind to the world, keep it open. Don’t ever assume you’re right – form opinions, then listen to others’. Always be ready to learn. Be confident in your mind, opinions and ideas, but be ready for them to grow and shift and evolve, and welcome that.

As you go through your days, take a moment to consider what philosophies underpin your decisions, and whether you’re happy with the morals you live by.

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