Who Are You?

Every decision we make shapes and reflects the people that we are, and that we’re becoming. So as we pass through each day’s triumphs and struggles, we’re all eventually pretty sure of who we are.

Take a moment to describe yourself, but consider your answer without your name, appearance, friends, experiences or job.

So stripping it back, who are you?

I’m somebody who is scared of lots of things, but believes that the scariest things are the most worthwhile. I want to always push the boundaries of what I’m capable of.

I care about stuff: people, the environment, animals, the future, the past. It’s important to find value in the world surrounding you. Firmly rooted in something to believe in, you’ve created a scaffold by which to make choices. Humble yourself, and find something to care about.

I am always learning and open to ideas. I think our greatest opportunity is to keep an open mind and soak up all the knowledge you can. See as much of the world through as many perspectives as you can. I honour what I know, and understand there’s always something else to discover, or to be taught.


Don’t ever be afraid to remind yourself why you’re worthwhile, and why you’re here. Allow yourself time to indulge in positivity. There’s a reason you’re here, and it’s okay if you haven’t figured it out yet.

Who are you?

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