To Do: Bucket Edition

I have a mental bucket list, scrawled down somewhere in the back of my mind. A bucket list’s greatest shortcoming is that there’s no known time frame; you can put off each item to ‘another year’, and you never really know when your opportunities will end.

So 20 things to do before 20 is a bit more challenging in a way. There’s a deadline, and I know when it is.

20. Adopt an animal

19. Build a snowman

18. Visit Europe

17. Achieve a High Distinction at university

16. Taste traditional Gluhwein

15. Fly a kite

14. Make a new friend

13. Take a gondola ride in Venice

12. Eat a macaron in France

11. Sing karaoke

10. Climb a mountain

9. Take an art class

8. Have a traditional English Afternoon Tea

7. Try a new sport

6. Plant a tree

5. Make my own tea

4. Enter a short story competition

3. Make a stop-motion film

2. Make a photo album/scrapbook

1. Run a half marathon

I have a little over a year until I’m 20. Some of these things are already plans in action, and some will just have to happen spontaneously.

You don’t need a bucket list to have adventures, but sometimes it’s a nice reminder to switch up your schedule and do something memorable.

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