Dear, 365 Days

Write yourself a letter and post some perspective. Write to yourself in a year’s time, and don’t look at it again until that time.

Share your thoughts and ideas, and you’ll be able to reflect on that progress or lack thereof. Most of all, I recommend mentioning what’s stressing you now. More than likely, in a year’s time they’ll be something to shake your head at, something you haven’t thought of in months. Shine some light on your worries.

Reflect on your current, past and future situations. Write yourself a letter.


Dear 14/12/17 Niamh,

How are you going?

When you read this you’ll have just left Florence this morning, and are now on your way to the Italian Riviera, I think.

I took my first yoga class this morning. I have no arm strength, and the balance to match. Hopefully you’ll have worked on that by the time you’re up for the classic cheesy Tower of Pisa photo pose.

Also, 95% of my closest friends are leaving town in about a month, disappearing to different parts of the country. It makes me miss high school, where I had something of an ideal microcosm surrounding me. Life seemed small and easy, and I walked through it with certainty.

Uni isn’t like that, really. I don’t know anybody, and it’s so boring. I just need to get through these units, and focus on the arts component of my degree for a while. Have you dropped the business component yet? I’m planning on it.

I’m going to start some film-making. Stop motion at first, and I’ll try some clay-mation. But I want to try all sorts of different kinds. I’m beginning to realise that I’ve been ignoring more creative pursuits for study of something I find boring and confusing. Being thrown into the deep water which is the real world, I’ve been forced to figure out what I like, and what I’m good at, and I suppose I don’t really know. So I want to try different things, and figure that out. For now, that means getting in touch with my creative side again.

Did the gym ever fix their swimming pool? I’m so mad that it’s closed. According to their own predictions, it won’t even be open yet when you read this.

How’d the running turn out? I keep meaning to go for that run, to build up that fitness again. By winter I’ll be going on leisurely jogs all the way into town, I’m sure of it, and then it’ll be marathon season, and I already have my eye on that half marathon. I’m being lazy with my running, but I have time to work it out.

Do you still do a meat-free day per week? Did you manage to stop drinking lemonade? Have you gotten around to washing the car yet? How are the dogs? Did you have to quit your job to go overseas?

I hope your first European travels are as amazing as they seem as I plan it all now. Don’t forget to go to an English Tea House for afternoon tea, or eat a pizza in Italy or eat Swiss chocolate, or maybe even something not completely revolving around food. If there’s such a thing.

Whatever you’re feeling right now, honour it. Write it down. Savour the happiness, the triumphs and the wonder. If there is stress and worry, allow yourself to feel it, then work out how to move past it, so that in a year you can shake your head at it and forget.

Drink water, sit up straight and get eight hours of sleep.

Wishing you all the best,

From 14/12/16 Niamh.

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