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Don’t Save the Princess

Do not rescue the princess. Her doors lock from within and her hands are not bound, linked there beneath her chin.   Do not rescue the princess. her hands not bound, but clasped, not gagged, but keeping secrets, For help she has not asked.   Do not rescue the princess, By her the dragon has…… Continue reading Don’t Save the Princess


Not a Business Person

I say ‘sitting, looking at a blank page and waiting for inspiration doesn’t work’. And I believe it, even though I still do it. You just have to get something, anything, down. The first thing that comes to mind. That’s what I’m doing. I probably don’t need to explain myself every time. People know what’s…… Continue reading Not a Business Person


A Stone Staircase

If the world isn’t flat, maybe it has steps and if everyone is making their way up and down the steps then one person’s triumphant step up is another’s stumble down. so when a person trips, and slides to their rock bottom, it may be higher or lower than another’s rock bottom. one person’s suffering…… Continue reading A Stone Staircase