Resolution and Evolution

I can’t really form one solid opinion on New Year’s Resolutions.

On one hand, I firmly believe that if you need or want to change, do it now. Don’t wait for tomorrow or Monday or the new year. Do it now. Don’t start your changes and goals upon an excuse.

However, I also think if the new year sprouts some kind of motivation inside you, don’t fight it in spite. If you’re feeling productive and motivated, great. Use it, and do something.

So all that being said, I have some goals. With the new year upon us, I guess they’re resolutions. But some goals might be processes, which means you can’t succeed every time, but over time. If your goal is a process, forgive the days which don’t go so well, and move forward with the ones which do.

  1. Be on time

Everyone’s late sometimes, but I don’t want to always be expected to be running late. Mend that reputation, start getting ready ten minutes earlier.
(Posting this a few days later than planned is a part of the process)

2. Prioritise study

Learn to manage your time better, and get a couple hours of study in. The things that always come first can still come, study just has to as well.

3. Keep in touch

Lots of my friends have moved away, and I know first hand it’s tougher to stay in touch than we all thought it would be. Now all the rest are leaving too (not looking forward to it) and those are relationships I’d rather not lose.

4. Write

Write every day. That’s blogging a little more often, dedicating a little more time to other projects, and also assignments and notes.

5. Water the plants

Water the plants. Write it on a pad of sticky notes and stick them everywhere. My plants are dying. Oh please remember to water them.

6. Wake up early

Sometimes I work late so I can’t wake too early, but on my days off I need to go to sleep earlier and rise earlier. Remember what 7am looks like? I want to see it again, more often.


Hope the new year is kind to you x

Good luck with your own resolutions.


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