16 Things 2016 Taught Me

1. Better late than never.

If your assignment’s 3 days late, still do it. If the soccer match started 5 minutes ago and you’re just pulling up, play extra hard. If you’re 20 minutes late to brunch- thanks your friend for waiting. Actually, just try to stop doing that last one.

2. How to pour a beer.

Two pours, and let it rest.

3. When faced with change, follow your instincts.

I had a good job I was happy with, and a new job opportunity popped up. When faced with a gamble, just go with the gut. There was no way to know which would prove better, but I got a new job, and I’m better off.

4. Nobody’s watching you at the gym.

If they are, they’re not judging. Everyone there has their own goals and focuses and insecurities.

5. Things don’t go to plan, and it’s okay.

It’s easy to make a misguided plan when you don’t know what you’re in for. When you’re truly in that moment and living out the plan, it’s okay to realise that it isn’t what you expected, and change.

6. You can have a close friend you don’t talk to every day.

While I’d love to spend time with everyone I love every day, it just doesn’t happen. Take comfort in the people who will always be there for you, even when you’re both preoccupied with busy lives.

7. How to meet people.

Obviously I knew people before 2016, but this last year I really learned that a fleeting interaction with any random person might offer them their only conversation for a day. If an old person catches you in a conversation, be kind – they mightn’t speak to another person today. It’s also nice to speak to an array of people, and see what they have to say. Be friendly- it’s a win win.

8. To like things unapologetically.

You like that Justin Bieber song? Watch every Kardashian Snapchat? You do you – life’s a lot easier when you let go of bitterness you carry for appearances, and just like what you like.

9. There’s something to be learned from everybody.

Even an expert has space to learn. You are not better than anybody, and nobody is better than you. Learn something from everyone.

10. To do scary things.

I flew across the country to represent my uni in soccer, I booked my tickets for my 2017 trip to Europe, I got my licence. Meet some milestones, cross some stuff off the list. Do scary things.

11. To stand for something.

Figure out what it is you’re here for, and that you can always work for and towards. The environment, education, equality, health, whatever it is.

12. How to forget a first impression.

Do not let a murky first impression poison your perspective on somebody. Don’t trust a split second judgement, trust a sustained effort to get to know somebody.

13. You can always do better.

Don’t get complacent. You can always go a little further or faster or stronger. If you reach a goal make a new one.

14. Reading makes a better writer.

Sometimes research is 70% of a good final product.

15. Sometimes everything just works out.

Don’t take it for granted, just be grateful.

16.Sometimes nothing works out.

It passes, and a hard experience likely won’t scar you, but strengthen you.


Happy New Year, and good luck in 2017 xxx

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