Blind Advice

Feigning confidence in adulthood is a risky balancing act. On one hand, making a doctors appointment, buying new tyres and sending important emails is all simpler than anybody seems to think it is.

But when the doctor asks you to make some important decision on your own behalf, the tyre guy rips you off because you’re a young woman with no idea, and nobody replies to your emails, what do you do then?

My friend told me I should start doing my taxes and in return she received the blankest stare ever shared. My dad asked if I had checked the oil in my car, and he received a guilty confession.

But the clouds aren’t too dark, and they aren’t too heavy, and their silver linings are bright.

I started Uni again for the year today in a new degree and a new frame of mind. I’m ahead in the reading, I’ve caught up with some friends, went to work and then to the gym, and refrained from hot chips as an afternoon pre-lecture snack.

So I guess the moral here is to look at both the bad and the good in life.

There are millions of lessons we all have to learn as we age, and we’ll all fall over thousands of times, no matter how carefully we tread. You never trip on the same pebble twice.

I’m thankful for healthcare and transport and modern technology, and even taxes.

Humble yourself, honour life’s gifts and overcome it’s challenges.


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