Beauty and the Beast: Film Review

A midday Monday movie meant a near empty theatre, a short line up and only a slight negligence of my essay, due in a few short hours. First up, the film had textual integrity. It was a magical film on the whole, from a faultless cast to the stunning graphics, all atop a cherished story…… Continue reading Beauty and the Beast: Film Review


De Payser

Less dire than a danger zone, more existent than the friend zone. I’m talking, of course, about the comfort zone. As a young kid, you live without inhibitions or expectations, an unstoppable combination. As you age, you develop a comfort zone. With age, you might train yourself to leave your comfort zone; to remold and stretch…… Continue reading De Payser


Skype Call

We talked on skype which was quite nice although it really wasn’t the same. it made me realise you’ll visit but you’ll never quite be back. and we’re doing good things and growing into adulthood’s big shoes, but all the world is sand and every situation rushes through my fingers and from my grasp. you…… Continue reading Skype Call