This Trimester at university is the first where I’m doing classes I’m excited about. Like it isn’t just a prerequisite to sweep away or a mathematical mess because ‘what if I have to work in an office?’.

It’s just “wow I guess I DO wonder how post-colonial literary criticisms shaped literature today”, or “who is the true intended audience for a children’s book?”

I’m still not a model student, don’t take my study advice, but I’m at least passionate and interested in what I’m doing now, and it makes a world of difference. The units that I’m doing on a whim are relevant to my broader goals, interests and aspirations, so all the little jigsaw pieces are fitting themselves together.

The first assessment portion of my studies was due today. Just a simple online quiz, but for the unit I saw easiest to neglect while trying to get a foot ahead in my others. A wake up call, really, not to neglect anything, but if I ever work out how to find balance I’ll be sure to share that information. Anyway, I crammed all weekend, just crumbling away one of my goals already.

Taking the test, I noted the ease with which I could answer the questions, which just yesterday would’ve read as complete nonsense. So I guess my good luck persists, as do the deadlines.

100% isn’t such a bad way to begin the Uni Year though. 😉

Stay positive in whatever you’re doing, endure the challenges and be thankful for the triumphs that fall upon you.

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