Skype Call

We talked on skype

which was quite nice

although it really wasn’t the same.

it made me realise you’ll visit but you’ll never quite be back.

and we’re doing good things

and growing into adulthood’s big shoes,

but all the world is sand

and every situation rushes through my fingers

and from my grasp.

you told your stories and they were nice.

and I cried and you cried and we all cried.

and it was nice.


At the end of a nostalgic Skype call, a dear friend reminded me that I can’t compare my situation to anybody else’s, because all I hear about are everybody else’s brightest days, and they hold their struggles close. Just as I do the same, we all shine a light brighter that appears brighter to others than it does to ourselves. Be proud of yourself and be proud of your friends. Don’t harbour jealousy, but support. A long distance friendship is at least as tough as a long distance relationship of another kind. Let it remind you that all friends have something to teach you, but some are golden.

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