De Payser

img_6304Less dire than a danger zone, more existent than the friend zone. I’m talking, of course, about the comfort zone.

As a young kid, you live without inhibitions or expectations, an unstoppable combination. As you age, you develop a comfort zone.
With age, you might train yourself to leave your comfort zone; to remold and stretch it out. Or, you learn where it ends, and you stay safely within it.

I’m a person who is scared of lots of things and does lots of scary things, and it’s in those moments when life exists in the shrinking moment you’re stuck in, that the most worthwhile moments fall to your feet.

When I’m old I want to look back on a life where I did something scary and worthwhile each and every day, and grew stronger and braver for it.

I’ve climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge, abseiled, rode camels, trekked in the wild for a week, ridden a rickety vintage Japanese rollercoaster for the sake of manners, delivered a speech to hundreds of people, delivered a speech in Japanese to hundreds of people, learned to snowboard, ridden a glass-bottomed cable car over a volcano and descended into an underground network of caves.

Not much is better than the accomplished steps back onto solid ground which leaves behind fear and greets strength. Another fear overcome, another piece of armour and a step closer to something you never thought possible.

Do scary things, become a stronger person, and live a life rich in experience.

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