Cheating a Chai

I complain about university plenty, but I had the best day ever the other day and now I see it through a rosy lens.

So it started with a 9am lecture, and I filled my ridiculously large takeaway cup with far too much tea. The lecture passed quickly and I headed to the library. The library’s ground floor is the ‘Hub’, and it’s packed full all the time.

If you can score a table you’re doing well, and this day, I was not doing well.

So I did what I’d, and apparently nobody else either, had never considered to do, because we’re always encouraged to hang out in the Hub and make it a- well, a hub. I went upstairs.

Upstairs is mystical, I swear. I’m often underwhelmed by old home town uni, but walking up the old spiral staircase and catching the smell of old books on the air and basking in that whole and satisfying silence, it felt like an experience.

So I just lose myself in these old bookshelves and in my writing classwork and my essays. Hours fly away.

Eventually I stop for a break, and head down to the cafe.

I’m, obviously, trying to save the world here, and I still have my takeaway cup. The man serving is happy to take my cup, and he charges me for a “Karma Cup” which is $3.50, and much cheaper than the other drinks, offered in takeaway cups.

When my number is called, I collect my cup and find it not half full, like any other reasonable person would expect, but full to the very brim. Huge cup.

There’s no moral to this story. Sometimes you’re super lucky and you get stuff you don’t deserve. So if life hands you quiet secret library study spots and gigantic chai lattes, say thank you and pass on some good luck to somebody else.

I wish you good luck and good chai lattes xxx

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