In Fact, Not.

We’re listening to a ghostly string quartet, lights dimmed, and everyone’s a little confused but the lecturer says its to set the deathly tone of our lecture on elegies.

I’ve got a cup of banana flavoured black tea, which sounds disgusting as I type it, but it’s good. I wore a woolly jumper because it isn’t summer anymore and so I figured it’d be cold. It’s on the back of my chair now, because the little lecture theatre is hot.

I’m typing away and I must look as though I’m taking some pretty good notes, but little does he know that I am, in fact, not.

Honestly, the only reason I could drag myself from my cosy bed this morning and drive out to uni and reach my lecture 7 minutes early is that if I don’t go, I don’t deserve a big chai. And I want a big chai.

So just quickly I’ll teach you what I’m learning about the ‘Weight of Words’:

Lachrymal (a and n): of or for tears
Lachrymation (n): the flow of tears
Lachrymose (a): of or given to tears

That’s enough for now, but I think those are some fairly sad and interesting words.

Have a good day, find something to motivate you. Don’t forget to talk to your friends, sit up straight, drink water.


P.S. My laptop started playing music out loud during the lecture.

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