(PRON. Hooga)

The darkest months of cold and bitterness and of lengthy dreariness weigh the limbs and weary the mind. Without the energy and liveliness and light of summer time, what is left behind?

Hygge is a Danish concept, which focuses not on the dark, cold aspects of winter, but on the cosy and the luxurious. It’s about living a good life with good people and enjoying all that life delivers. It’s hands wrapped around a full, warm mug, in the glow of the fire, the warmth your woolly socks bring you and the guiltless indulgence of chocolate. It focuses on what is warm and comforting, in a time of heightened depression and, in the cold Scandinavian countries of Europe, an increased rate of suicide.

Hygge suggests something about the power of perspective, positivity and self care. The darkest times can be illuminated and the coldest can be warmed. We can’t stop the snow from falling but we can keep from being buried. Fill your life with the people and activities which make you happy, and seek the Hygge in your life.


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