Afternoon Revives Morning.

Sunday afternoon can revive sunday morning, hopefully.

Sunday morning meant skipping my soccer game, and I told myself it was to study, which might have been justified had it been true. Really, I had to finish my series on Netflix. But then study, right?


Then I noticed my room to be quite untidy. It’s clean now, and so is my hair and so are my clothes, which is good. Not when there are 1000 more words to be written, maybe.

Then to establish a study environment I had to light some candles, find some woolly socks and make a Spotify playlist which is absolutely faultless if I do say so myself. A day off, perhaps, would have been a better time though.

So with the study environment established, I’d better change that light bulb. Can’t study in the dark, can I?

1 snack, 2 snack, 3 snack. Can’t study on an empty stomach.

Quick social media check, got to maintain a social balance, even while studying.

Open laptop.

4 snack.

I haven’t even read the book. I love books, but not for essays. This one’s a classic. Who hasn’t read it? Not me. I don’t know what to write. Even Google doesn’t know what to write.

5 snack.

Okay just get started.

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