More Study, Less Avocado?

You have to look behind to draw a map. You can predict where the road’s going to curve and where it’ll end up, but you can’t know until you get there.

I just sat down and calculated when I’ll be graduating from university. It’s further away than I hoped. Suddenly I can feel every lazy moment pat me on the back, catching up as I always knew it would. I drew a new plan. An extra unit per trimester shaves it down a little, but not quite enough. You can draw a plan in advance, sure, but you can’t draw a map until afterwards. So that means you have to be prepared for your plans to skew and fall somewhere different to where they should have.

That’s okay. But in the moments of laziness, think of that plan. Know that the longer you slack off, the further off course your plan is moving from that map you’ll eventually be able to draw.

I forecast my graduation for winter 2019, mid year, if I do the maximum amount of units in every study period, even the offline one. Then I can pick up and move somewhere where there are places which hire writing majors and the real estate market is so expensive I’ll have to say goodbye to avocados and brunch. While the degree will take longer than it needed to, I can be grateful that I had the time to work, to travel, to play soccer all over the country, and to relax. When you’re making your plans, be ambitious. But allow yourself to succeed, and not just in one facet of life.

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