Punctuation Interrupts Ideas

It’s pretty late and the end of trimester is approaching so there’s this huge cram rush where there is just so much to do and not enough time, and I have to work tomorrow and I have to go to the airport and say goodbye forever to a friend, so when will the work get done? I need to make time tomorrow, and I should’ve made time today but I had some important stuff to do! I made brownies and got an amazing deal on some winter wear for my trip to Europe at the end of the year and I took a photo for Instagram and I played on a borrowed ukulele because a borrowed ukulele always sounds better than your own. It’s getting late and I want to start going to bed earlier. I’m tired enough. I’ve started to drink coffee, but it doesn’t hype me up like the movies make you think it will. I’ve got a few good books to read, but it won’t be a few weeks until I get the chance to sit down and read. The world is like a story, with the crazy politicians and the deteriorating environment and the hatefulness. You can’t stop reading, when it’s the real world. You can’t choose not to experience the real world.

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