How to Stay Inspired: Beating Writer’s Block

In bare walls and stillness, what can a mind do but rest?

Your mind is like a muscle, and you need to exercise it. You also need to reward yourself, and give yourself room to grow.

If you’re lacking  writing inspiration, try these 5 ways to find inspiration:

5. Challenge Yourself

If you’re in a rut, force yourself to write.

> Sit down and do a stream of conscious writing exercise, and work out the knots. (example here)

> Take something you’ve already written, and re-write it in an alternate genre. Make it a horror, a romance, a futuristic science fiction adventure.

4. Engage in Nature

The natural world triggers thought. Look at the horizon, the ocean or the stars, and consider:

> What would the world look like from this point, if untouched by humans?

> What will this look like in 100 years? Or 1000 years?

Write it down.

3. Be a Critic

> Write a film or book review, and stimulate your critical thinking. (Like this one)

> Read something, or reflect on something you’ve already read, and write down what you like about. Identify what you value in a text, and use that information.

2. Social Writing

> Write a letter to a friend or relative. You don’t have to send it, just indulge in a one-sided conversation.

> Write a letter to a historical figure or celebrity. Again, just indulge in the written conversation. It can be an interview, or it can be a place for you to voice your opinions on their work or the causes they stood for. Express admiration or criticism, and engage in the fantasy.

Take note of the direction the letter takes. Is there a theme or idea you come back to continually? Is there an interesting question raised? Write a response, or elaborate on the question.

Need more inspiration? Try: Dear, 365 Days

1. Be Resourceful

> Blackout Poetry: Take a page from a book, newspaper or magazine, and find poetry in its words. Black out the left over words. This could uncover ideas for you, and force you to create something from limited resources.

> Scroll through your photos, and choose one. Write the story of that photo. It can be the literal events of that day, or it can be completely imagined. (Here’s mine)


Happy writing xx

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