Stream of Consciousness

Run On.

Isn’t it strange how medicine keeps people alive until they’re 100 but it can’t make their mind strong until 100 or their bones and their skin strong until 100, and the last 15 years are pretty unpleasant? And you can really see evolution chasing its tail, because we stay alive for so long but our teeth still expect us to die young, so they die young, and then we have to get false teeth and say goodbye to steak. And speaking of steak, I partially want to be a vegan because no animal wants to be farmed or mechanically milked or eaten and they deserve a happy life, but also, I could just ignore the world’s problems and eat chicken as if its not a chicken, but I don’t want to do that. I was vegetarian for a while there, but I lost that motivation for just a moment and you know, its harder to jump back on the wagon than to just hang on while you’re up there. And a serious question, if you know the answer, what do you do when you crave a schnitzel? Because I do that a lot. And is pescatarianism cheating?

Also, it’s winter now, and it’s freezing. The wind is icy, and it wraps its arms around you and it chases you into heated buildings, and it makes me realise how strange it is that we have little boxes of fire in our houses, but I’m glad that we do. Also, warm cake and hot tea is the perfect combat, because it warms you from the inside, and it makes you feel happy. Also good company. And good company accompanied by cake and tea, that’s what makes winter bearable. Also woolly socks.

Song of the moment:

Dean Lewis, Waves:

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