There’s no good excuse for not writing anything for a month, except I had nothing good to say and I suppose I’ve been busy.

I still don’t have anything good to say but sometimes writing nothing at all helps your brain to think of more things to write, so let’s hope for that. I want to learn to pipe succulents onto cakes with buttercream but its apparently harder than it looks, and it already looks pretty hard. I bought some shelves and I’m going to make cakes and sell them at the markets, with cups of tea, because I’m blending tea now.

I’ve also started all three of my essays which are due in a couple of weeks which is probably the most organised I’ve ever been, even though I feel as if I’ve been procrastinating. I have to go to work in twenty minutes, but I have tomorrow off, so it might be a baking day. I never liked baking, I just liked to cook dinners, but I like it now. I’m not sure what changed. Make sure you keep your mind open to things you think you don’t like.

Life’s busy, but take comfort in the sun rising and setting. Send a message to your friends, take a photo of the horizon, wash your socks with scented fabric softener and sit in front of the fire.

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