Finding Joy, Greeting Spring.


In life, you make joy or you find joy or you’re given joy, and when you discover a source of joy, you have to seize it. These joyful things slip away and reappear, or sprout  from somewhere unexpected, and that’s okay. Just make sure that your arms are always open to receiving joy, and your eyes are always alert in its search.

This week, my joy is in being outdoors and experiencing this beautiful and fresh spring weather. I don’t think we’ve left winter behind entirely yet, but spring is growing and spreading its wings, and it’ll knock winter off its perch soon enough.

Spring represents, to me, reparation and anticipation.

Spring is a grand pat on the back for surviving winter. Spring is the visitor which brings gifts and stories and smiles, a sigh of relief and an injection  of energy.

But really, I love spring because its a stepping stone pathway into summer, and the anticipation for summer lifts my spirits and my steps like nothing else.

I absolutely relish the feeling of spring time, because it is a held breath to the summertime. The scent of freshly cut grass sits on the still air, and it smells of fresh mornings and productivity and ease. It feels like almost-Christmas and almost-holidays, and that anticipation underpins my movement. Outdoor dining, fresh and exposed skin glowing under a gentle sunshine, an open window above a vacuumed floor, all epitomises a real sense of life sorting itself out. Whether that proves an illusion or not.

In all reality, summer is blanketed in complaints of the heat and fears of fire, but spring ties together summer’s beauty and freedom into a neat package which excludes the snakes and the spiders and the Target fans which stop working at 2pm.

Spring is proof that anticipation and hope are stronger and more powerful, often, than delivery.

Also, it reminds me to appreciate the little things in life as the largest gifts. The sunshine, the flowers, the colours and the warmth are all privileges to experience. Take a moment to experience gratitude, and let thankfulness form a foundation for your self.

Find joy xx


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