The 5 Senses, and Hygge

This has been saved as a draft since May, and I’m not sure why I never posted it. It’s fun to reflect, and this is a nice step back into what I was experiencing in the dawn of winter, and I’m reading now at winter’s dusk.


Hygge is cosiness and comfort. On this cold evening, winter waiting in the shadows, to practice the art of hygge is essential. Besides, it’d do everybody some good to take a moment to notice what is around them.


A murmur from the lounge room, a plane so far overhead, the sound of pages turning. The sound of nighttime; quiet but full.


The window is open, as I like it, and the chill has settled in the air. But it’s fresh, and it’s worth the sacrifice. Besides, I have a heat pack warming my toes and fresh clean sheets and blankets around me, so it isn’t cold.


Rose Chai, and Easter eggs by Cadbury.


Fresh air. The trees, the clouds, shifting weather, all creating a fresh air infusion. That, mixed with the cotton fresh scent of clean sheets.


My pyjamas are the colour of the morning sky on a clear day. My book rests on my bedside table and my lamp emits a soft and ambient light. Fairy lights shine like the stars, because why not? Everybody secretly likes fairy lights.


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