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Life Work

Maybe I write in this style too often, but uni just finished for the year and I’ve used up my words in essays. So maybe I write too much in this style. This “write the first thing that pops into my head” style of writing. It’s good for writer’s block though, I tell everybody that, so I suppose I’d better follow my own advice. advice advice advice. It’s strange how people have clarity while viewing somebody else’s situation. Like when someone else is struggling you know exactly what to tell them, what they should do, like it’s obvious. But when I’m struggling and someone throws up an obvious and offhand piece of advice it seems too simple, and too hard, at the same time, because what would they know? The difference is never in knowledge or logic, but in what’s at stake. When there’s nothing to lose, the answer is obvious. So that’s why life’s so hard- because every decision you make makes your life into what it is and it’s up to you not to mess it up. Except, some people do everything right and are still dealt all the wrong cards and offered every short straw. And we’re so fragile that someone else’s bad luck might squash our hard work. And then what can we do? That’s when you have to work out how you look at the hard times. Whether that which does not kill you makes you stronger, or whether the world is just against you. Neither changes your luck, but one makes your life progressive and constructive and one makes you sad. I’m listening to James Blunt, I’m not really sure why because I’m not a fan, but he’s okay. Imagine your career and passion and life’s work being described as “okay”. Some life works just ‘are’, and some are put out into the public to be chewed up and critiqued, so other people can decide if you’ve wasted your life. But some people mightn’t have any real thing to show at the end of their life, which is sad. I don’t mean a tangible ‘work’ necessarily either, but just something that they’ve done, or some impression they’ve left. Some people die and nobody notices for weeks, or months, because their absence isn’t affecting anybody at all.

I don’t want to finish on that note, so I’ll remind everyone to drink water and save the bees and let go of grudges.


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