Opportunist, Optimist

F8F28F96-458F-42B5-8B6C-5EAFD8E178ADSometimes the most interesting moments are the ones which follow a wrong turn down a road which is not the shortcut, but it proves to be shortcut, but you get to see the new foals and the silhouetted trees fencing in a pink sky, and a billowing crimson cloud dressed in every silver lining.

Just the same, sometimes you miss an opportunity and once you learn to lift your chin again you see that there’s a library of love and life and opportunity towering around you and it’s yours to seize.

And sometimes time brings wisdom and preparation and your impatience was a sign you weren’t ready, but your persistence is a sign that now you are ready indeed.

So the key to success is a balance between fierce perseverance and patience when waiting for the right opportunity. That, and a little bit of mad and blind faith.

Take a moment to respect your losses then use them as blocks to build something better and stronger.

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