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The Extravaganza, and Home

My footprints are all over the globe, as I’ve trekked and trawled and slipped and stumbled in snow and rain and cyclonic winds. But also blue skies; bitterly cold, but blue. I’ve seen land locks and mountains and oceans, sailed canals and lakes, bathed in history, and seen four countries in one day.

Tonight I’m in Liverpool, UK, and indulging in a slow evening. Today’s high tea and cocktail extravaganza was the perfect way to see off this wonderful city, and calls for a quiet night.

The world is an amazing place full of amazing people, and the more of it I see, the richer I am (although far less wealthy). Every day has brought me something new, someone new, and somewhere new, for a month now.

Tomorrow takes us to our twelfth country of the trip, and with a big breakfast and a cup of coffee, I feel I could travel forever. Every day’s fresh horizon would refresh me and fill my thoughts and fuel my muscles, except-

Something that broadening your world gives to you is perspective, and a very persuasive perspective leads to home. The more of the world I see, the more I love the world, and the more I love the place I come from. Home was Rome for a moment, and it was London, and it was Berlin. But in reality, it’s in the place with the tomato vine and soft pillows and big windows to let the summer air in, and filled with the people who bring you joy.

Allow yourself to return home sometimes, but also allow ‘home’ and the broader experience of the world to mingle and coexist. Keep an open mind to opportunity and perspectives and ideas, and spend your time being happy.

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