Do you ever hear a song or see an artwork or hear a speech which just evokes such an emotional reaction and you just stop and say “wow”, and soak in the beauty and marvel at it and wash it over your skin and drink it down and try to absorb it like a sponge? Imagine creating something which makes somebody say “wow”. Imagine writing a song which makes someone close their eyes and osmosis your art into their soul, or imagine painting an image which conveys a genuine feeling or looks as clear as a polished window looking to the ocean or the sky or the feeling of fear or love or general worldly wonder. Talent is just so surprising and precious and also weirdly taken for granted. Like everyone fancies themselves good at something, which might be naive. Maybe breathtaking talent is rare and beautiful and most of us have to tough it out and wear mediocrity with pride. But really, breathtaking talent is the end of a road of hard work and pain and passion.

Ask your nana what her favourite song is and your grandpa his favourite painting. Ask auntie June’s favourite book and ask your neighbour over the road their favourite film. Bask in talent and hard work and soak it up like a hungry sponge, and discover what everyone else appreciates enough for a “wow” moment.

I can’t sing your dreams or paint your feelings but I hope one day someone reads my work and says “wow” and they get it and I get it. At least I get it for now, and that’s good.

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