A Plan

It’s been a while. If there’s something I’ve learned about good friends, it’s that sometimes it is a while. And it’s okay, as long as you all come back to each other. Last night I skyped my dearest friends who are dotted along the coastline, and the time and distance disappeared and then it was midnight, and it was good.

I travelled overseas from 2017 into 2018, and I thought my blog posts would boom while I was away, but I was busy and tired and full of excuses, and I didn’t tell the stories here. I’ll be posting some travel stories and pictures and diary entries in the coming weeks, and documenting my re-entry into study, as I start my third year at university. The end of my study is in sight, but it’s a mountain to climb that I can glimpse on the horizon. There’s a way to go, and a lot of work, but I can see the end now and I’m feeling very hopeful. I’ve also never been more sure that I’m doing what I should be doing.

I started as a business student and people liked to tell me I’d earn a generous salary and that I must be very clever, never mind that every class was a struggle and a stretch and what’s a salary if you don’t want to get out of bed?

Today I study literature and writing and editing, and life’s all words and wonder and when I tell people what I do they wonder what I’ll graduate as, and the answer is ‘determined’ and the world will be at my fingertips and I’ll take it.

I’m in the library, on the silent floor, and I’m ahead on my reading and ready to attend my first lecture of the year in a few hours. Everything doesn’t have to be perfect, but you get what you give, and I’m starting on a high.

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