Now Time for the Weather

Two weeks ago was hot, like a summertime inferno.

One week ago was cold, like deep and despairing wintertime.

And today it is warm. Cardigan weather, perhaps. It’s the time of year where the seasons flex their muscles and battle for dominance. It’s a tug of war that shifts the weather faster than I switch clothes. Summer- winter- summer- winter. Winter wins, of course. Summer’s had its time to shine and it’s tired. It’ll holiday over Europe and it’ll be back in six months, for another round of tug of war where I’ll wonder if I need a jacket or not. Umbrella? Sunscreen? All of the above.

But today’s warm! The grass is green and the sky is blue and the air is bright and warm. Soon, the air will be grey and noses will be red but it means a constant hug from a jacket and a cosy fire and hot tea. Both are yearned for and then pushed away.

So the tug of war has no losers to the well prepared. No matter the weather, every day’s a good day as long as we’re all here to see it.

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