Bubble Wrap + Lukewarm Tea

It seems crazy what can change in half a moment. If we had any day-to-day realisation of it, nobody would every be as stupid as to text while driving, or something like that. It seems wild that one second I can say “race you there” and the next moment your bone could be broken right in half. Had I not said it, had you not chosen that path, had we gone somewhere else for dinner or stayed and chatted a minute longer.

It’s a funny lesson because on one hand the lesson is: “don’t do stupid things”. Like, roll yourself up in a bubble wrap cocoon and talk to safe people in safe environments, and live a safe life with a soggy cardboard box view of the world. Is lukewarm tea worth it, knowing you’ll never burn your tongue? (no)

I guess the real moral of the story is that bones heal. No, a few hours in the emergency room and a few weeks in plaster isn’t ideal. But surely those moments are worth the sunsets and the laughs and the moments where energy is the greatest commodity and you pause in wonder of the world, because life’s pretty good after all.

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