Dear 365 Days: a reply

On the 14th of December 2016 I wrote myself a letter. Something about gaining perspective, something about gratitude. I’ve been hopping around the world and December 14th came and went. You can read my letter here: Dear, 365 Days

You can read my belated reply below, but before you do! I wrote this reply months ago, and I stowed it away in my draft folder. I’ve dusted it off to post it, but it doesn’t necessarily represent today. Posting it means I can post another some time.

Here’s the response:

Dear 365 days,

it’s funny to read an old letter because the idea is that what you’re concerned about then doesn’t matter by the time you read it. But I still miss my friends, and I still have to do boring units at uni.

I’ll be honest. Your first yoga class was also your last, and you still have weak arms. Also I didn’t do the cheesy Pisa pose, essential as it is. I just looked at it and thought “wow!” and then I thought, “the architect and builders literally had one job, and they stuffed it up.” But Pisa wouldn’t we what it is today if they’d built it right.

And yes, I dropped the business component. Good riddance, I say. I don’t want to be an accountant, I want to write words that people like to read.

The film making makes me so sad, because I forgot. Not only have I not become a film maker, but I forgot I wanted to be one. In Prague we made a stop motion film of my boots walking down the hallway and eating a sock, so I ticked off step one. Time to think about step two, because the pursuit of creativity is still a worthy goal.

And the swimming pool? No. It’s still closed.

The running is hilariously terrible too. I don’t think I ever went on that jog. Not until this morning, coincidentally.

I stopped eating meat since you wrote the letter, and started again. I don’t do meat free mondays anymore but I’m reinstating it. I try my best to avoid lemonade but it’s just so delicious, and Yes! I took the time off from work and have since returned 🙂

I’ve reflected on a lot of failed goals, but I also have to acknowledge achievement. My grades improved greatly, I saved my money and then spent it all in Europe, I started  a business, joined some groups, volunteered and met some interesting people.

I have a more driven idea of what I’d like my future to look like and I’ve expanded my world view.

Did you go for a 2nd jog? A 3rd?


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