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Old Friend

It’s been a little while, and I write as if to an old friend. Like maybe someone wants to know exactly what I’ve been up to and why it’s not typing online, but it’s a story without inspiration and uninspired stories are often boring. I, however, have inspiration, maybe just a little bit, and sometimes quite a lot. I’m glad that I achieved everything I did in 2018, and even so far in 2019, and the future is looking busy in all the best ways. I’m not sure what life will look like in a year, or three, or ten, but I know what it looks like today, and I have a sort of hazy image of what tomorrow will look like too.

It’s been hot here in Australia, except hot is an understatement and I’ve been on the hunt for air conditioning- like air conditioned spaces are stepping stones and the heat outside is a river of rapids and maybe piranhas, and the way to survive is to just keep hopping. On the other side of the world it’s cold, except cold is an understatement and on the news I saw a pair of pants standing up by themselves because they froze that way. I wonder about the horses and the cows and the birds, and where they go in the cold. And in the heat too, actually. Also, do the homeless people have somewhere to go?

Sometimes, watching the news is like watching a dystopian apocalypse movie unfold, except there’s no 16 year old protagonist leaping from the shadows to save the world. How can some people be melting and some freezing, and the world shrugs its shoulders and waits to see what happens next?

It just seems like every troubling future ever written about is creeping up behind us and stepping on our heels, and anyone and everyone could leap from the shadows and save the world, but nobody feels like it today. It’s not even just our great-great-grandkids problem anymore, it’s ours too.

People seem to doubt the power of one person to do true and meaningful good, but nobody questions if one person can do evil. If an individual can bring negativity to the world, then another individual is capable of positive change. Big changes are essential, but so are little ones, and everyone can do something.

If you think this no longer sounds like talking to an old friend, I’d disagree. Talking about big issues helps people to understand them, and care about solving them. Once you care, you act, and every single action initiates change. Make your actions positive, to create the kind of change you want to see.

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