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20 Acres and Bees

I want to own a property and plant a forest and watch it grow as I get old. I also want to live in a city and interact with people and drink coffee and see the lights and breathe in the arts and culture. Opposition is a funny thing, and I wonder if we can have both? I also want to live in a shack by the beach and restore and rebuild it myself and fill it with books and rugs and sleep with the windows open, but I don’t know how to build and I can’t afford three houses.

If I had 20 acres and 15 were full of trees and mazes and koalas, and the other five had bees and chickens and a cow-friend and a veggie garden and a house which didn’t take up too much space, and a dog which didn’t eat the chickens OR the bees, what would I have left to worry about?

I follow an instagram account which posts good things about the environment. Like apparently Australia is planting 1 billion trees and it’ll have a big effect on greenhouse gases. I like the idea of curating your social media experience, even though at first it seemed too much. I used to follow so many accounts telling me that the world was taking it’s last breath and we were all doomed, and it’s probably true, but it wasn’t helpful. We shouldn’t ignore what’s going on in the world, but I think some our problems can be solved with positivity instead of negativity. Like, let’s empower each other to do better and celebrate our successes, rather than focus only on the negatives and make the fight seem lost. I think people are inherently motivated by positive reinforcement, because it makes it seem that our hardwork is paying off. There’ll always be something negative happening in the world, and we should keep it in our sights, while celebrating all of our steps towards overcoming it.

It’s why good management is about positive reinforcement. Positive reinforcement encourages growth and communication and improvement, because otherwise it feels like you give and give and get nothing back. Positive reinforcement doesn’t mean ignoring what’s going wrong, it means addressing it in an effective and balanced way. Discussing an issue in a safe and supportive environment will see the issue resolved, but seeing an issue create blame and anger will only brew resentment and a feeling of unfulfillment in everyone.

The point is that kindness and positivity isn’t designed to ignore problems. Celebrating our wins and supporting each other doesn’t come at the expense of productivity. Celebrating a billion new trees doesn’t ignore the
issue of coral bleaching, because it celebrates proactive changes, sustainability and improvement. Positivity is what will create change, as long as it is fused in reality and facing the right direction.

Whether in the city or the country or the dilapidated beach house, there’s something everyone can do. Some people do a lot and some people do a little, and it’s all to be celebrated and sought to be improved.

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