Welcome to Scribbler on the Roof, by Niamh Wood.

Hello, welcome, make a cup of tea, get comfortable. If you need an excuse for a treat, this is it: blogs are to be read with maximum enjoyment. Dinner goes to the stomach, dessert goes to the heart (right?).

My name is Niamh, which isn’t pronounced the way it’s spelled, but old women tell me it’s nice nonetheless. I’m Australian, twenty-two years old, and a fiction writer.

I have a Bachelor of Arts in writing and English lit., and I’m still studying. I love reading (fiction mainly, but 2020 is all about broadening horizons), baking, creating dodgy digital art, my dogs, and classic films. I’m absolutely passionate about environmental justice and sustainability, and about contributing to the world positively.

I’m currently querying YA fiction, while working on children’s fiction, short fiction, and flash fiction. I draw inspiration from my surroundings, and find our environment (both natural and man-made) to be an endless source of wonder. My home in Australia is a great influence to me, but so are my international travels and experiences studying in the UK.

My favourite challenge in writing is the translation of visuals into words, and hunting for the precise phrase I need to communicate my meaning. Sharing words is such a privilege. Writing is expression, and to read is to dip into somebody else’s thoughts, whether you agree or disagree. Words are a great treasure, and my life is enriched by writing and reading.

All the pieces of writing and general scribblings of this blog are completely original and written by me. All photos are either taken by me, or taken of me.

Take a scroll through the array of posts on Scribbler on the Roof – the assortment is a great jumbled mess, with something bound to pique your interest. If you have a comment, please share! If it’s a terribly old and embarrassing post from 2016, comment anyway, no judgement here.

Thanks for visiting.

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