My name is Niamh, which isn’t pronounced the way it’s spelled, but old women tell me it’s nice nonetheless. At 21, I’ve departed the tender twilight of childhood, with enough worldly ignorance to believe myself an adult and simultaneously, enough worldly knowledge to clutch onto my escaping youth.

I study English lit. and writing, love fiction, film and photos, and am on a constant hunt for the best chai latte. Help me fill the empty spaces with words, sip all the lattes, and save the bees.

I like the challenge of translating visuals into words, and finding the right words to fit an idea. Writing is expression, and to read is to align yourself with somebody else’s thoughts.

All the pieces of writing and general scribblings of this blog are completely original and written by me. All photos are either taken by me, or taken of me.

Take a scroll through the array of posts on scribblerontheroof – no two are alike, so something along the way is bound to hold your interest.

I always invite comments, even on an old post…

Thanks for visiting, enjoy your stay 🙂

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Or contact me at scribblerontheroofblog@outlook.com

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