Geostorm: Film Review

I love the cinema, and the popcorn and the strategic seat selection. When the lights dim and the choc tops come out, the atmosphere balances. Today I saw Geostorm, with no preconceived ideas or opinions which is always a good way to enter a film. The heavy environmental undertone presented itself quickly, which I’m always…… Continue reading Geostorm: Film Review


Opportunist, Optimist

Sometimes the most interesting moments are the ones which follow a wrong turn down a road which is not the shortcut, but it proves to be a shortcut, but you get to see the new foals and the silhouetted trees fencing in a pink sky, and a billowing crimson cloud dressed in every silver lining. Just the same,…… Continue reading Opportunist, Optimist

Scribblings · Stream of Consciousness

Life Work

Maybe I write in this style too often, but uni just finished for the year and I’ve used up my words in essays. So maybe I write too much in this style. This “write the first thing that pops into my head” style of writing. It’s good for writer’s block though, I tell everybody that,…… Continue reading Life Work

Poems · Scribblings

The Never Ending

There was a lady who looked to sea, Every morning and every evening. The people who passed looked curiously, Not at the vastness of the ocean, But at the strange young woman who had seemed to claim her place among the sand. There was a lady who looked to the stars, Every single night. The…… Continue reading The Never Ending

Poems · Scribblings

Saving Daylight

1:59am skipped to 3:00am. The animals knew not to wake early, But we wind our alarms, stealing an hour of rest, Although the sun peers in just the same. And when day turns to night, according to my wrist watch, The sun stumbles to catch up, One hour behind, And the birds sing ‘Summer!’ And…… Continue reading Saving Daylight