After Laughter: Album Review, and a thought on change.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t usually like change. I don’t like the unknown particularly, and I’m definitely too nostalgic to easily release the present into the past. Usually, it’s for the best though. Change is evolution and progression and experience, and if you don’t end up in a better place than before,…… Continue reading After Laughter: Album Review, and a thought on change.


More Study, Less Avocado?

You have to look behind to draw a map. You can predict where the road’s going to curve and where it’ll end up, but you can’t know until you get there. I just sat down and calculated when I’ll be graduating from university. It’s further away than I hoped. Suddenly I can feel every lazy…… Continue reading More Study, Less Avocado?


Afternoon Revives Morning.

Sunday afternoon can revive sunday morning, hopefully. Sunday morning meant skipping my soccer game, and I told myself it was to study, which might have been justified had it been true. Really, I had to finish my series on Netflix. But then study, right? Wrong! Then I noticed my room to be quite untidy. It’s…… Continue reading Afternoon Revives Morning.


Surviving Employment

I worked about twice as many hours as usual last week, in three different jobs. It was an unusual week, I’m not that hard working, but I’ve learned just a few things. You know more than you think you know. You are capable of the task at hand. If you’re not, you’re probably not expected…… Continue reading Surviving Employment



(PRON. Hooga) The darkest months of cold and bitterness and of lengthy dreariness weigh the limbs and weary the mind. Without the energy and liveliness and light of summer time, what is left behind? Hygge is a Danish concept, which focuses not on the dark, cold aspects of winter, but on the cosy and the luxurious. It’s…… Continue reading Hygge


Limelight, take Flight

The people we value in our society are the people who are perched on the top rung of their ladders. We idolise those who have excelled, and as a media-driven society, we shine a spotlight in their face and expect a moral pillar by which we can base our actions. Talented at football? Acting? Singing?…… Continue reading Limelight, take Flight