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5 Days, No Phone: A Challenge

Day 1 This morning I used my phone’s alarm to wake up. Most mornings I set two alarms. The first wakes me up and the second reminds me to get moving after scrolling though Facebook while half asleep. Today, when I woke up I had no social media to scroll through, so I got out…… Continue reading 5 Days, No Phone: A Challenge


De Payser

Less dire than a danger zone, more existent than the friend zone. I’m talking, of course, about the comfort zone. As a young kid, you live without inhibitions or expectations, an unstoppable combination. As you age, you develop a comfort zone. With age, you might train yourself to leave your comfort zone; to remold and stretch…… Continue reading De Payser


Who Are You?

Every decision we make shapes and reflects the people that we are, and that we’re becoming. So as we pass through each day’s triumphs and struggles, we’re all eventually pretty sure of who we are. Take a moment to describe yourself, but consider your answer without your name, appearance, friends, experiences or job. So stripping…… Continue reading Who Are You?