Not Conventionally Useful

This micro-story was written as a potential idea for an imaginative piece for the HSC. It was quickly abandoned for that purpose, but I haven’t managed to leave it behind entirely. My 5-day trek through the stunning Kunderang gorges served as inspiration,¬†and my ultimate goal has been to capture the¬†wonderful things that I see using…… Continue reading Not Conventionally Useful


Night Owl, Early Bird

When your to do list yearns to see the sun wake the world and feel the crisp chill of the morning air, and simultaneously aches to skip to the star strewn late night sky, driving into a dark horizon with the windows down, you face the decision between a late night and an early start.…… Continue reading Night Owl, Early Bird


Hive Mind: Save the Bees

Let’s talk about bees. Bees are a vital part of our environment, and a link in a chain we’re wearing away, but haven’t yet broken. The environment isn’t delicate – it withstands flood and drought and fire and disease. The world is not delicate – it is robust and resilient. It is humanity which falls…… Continue reading Hive Mind: Save the Bees

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seasonal optimism

I love the warmth. The sunshine spreading over my skin, birds singing, old people mowing lawns in the middle of the day. It reminds me of Christmas and baking and comfortable clothes and my friends and it immediately sends me into this tranquil and optimistic state where I am just enthusiastic about life. I love…… Continue reading seasonal optimism


Season Envy

The entire internet seems to be celebrating the arrival of summer time: late sunsets, sunny mornings, a general air of positivity… Well I’m here to assure everyone that the weather is positively miserable in some places. Winter has well and truly hit the Southern Hemisphere, as wind chill sits at -7, the sky smells of…… Continue reading Season Envy